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Important things to check before you send us your files

No RGB Images- All the elements of your file should be a PMS color or CMYK if your job is running process color.

No Low Res Images- To give you the best quality, images should be 250-300 dpi at 100%. Higher than 300 dpi is not necessary as it will not improve image quality. All line art should be at least 1200 dpi at 100%.

No Menu Styling- This means making a font bold or italic through your style menu. Instead you should make your font choices by selecting the actual font from your font list.

Include Bleeds- If your job bleeds, you must set bleeds in the document as well as in the print dialog box. Standard bleed is .125 or 1/8 inch.
  Please collect and compress your job before sending.

  Use our print driver to convert your PC files.

You only need to visit this page once to download the “Piedmont Print” printing driver.

Thereafter, to send us a file, simply choose the
“Piedmont Print”
driver in your print dialog box within your application.